About us

We are manufacturers, we are designers, and also a studio of authentic art glass and design located in the town of Liberec which is nestled among Jizera Mountains in the Czech Republic. This is a region soaked in hundreds of years of old glass making tradition, however our work is unusual, nontraditional and highly unique. Our pieces respond to contemporary design trends but it maintains a fresh authenticity at the same time which allows our customers to identify our work easily among many other glass works being done today. We are a team of creative individuals working together to create one-of-a-kind pieces of art using the utmost love and care for designers, hoteliers, galleries, collectors, art lovers and for anyone who simply falls in love with our pieces of art.. 

Our assortment consists of the two basic collections differing from one other namely by way of production: 

Studio Collection - items of this line are unique primarily because of special production methods. The decoration method used is usually done by hand painting, which is one of our specialties. During this process special paints are applied on one side of glass blanks in many layers. The layers are then burned in at several times creating unique and interesting results. Some of the more common products that we produce using this method are vases, bowls, plates, wallarts as well as many other unusual and beautiful glass work pieces. In the Studio Collection you can also find mouth blown and hand painted glass basins, hand decorated mirrors and other creative and inspiring pieces. It is really amazing to see creation and completion of an artwork in such a small area.

 Hot Glass Collection  this array of the hand free formed and mouth blown glass offers intrinsic quality stemming from old tradition supported with skill of our glassmakers. The final products are so unique that some liken them to a concert in which gorgeous tones of colours and shapes are molded together by the best Czech glassmasters working along with designers in our collective  Some of the beautiful pieces you can find in this range include vases, bowls, objects, sculptures and others.

Each item is a signed original, provided with a Certificate of Authenticity. 

While we believe our catalogues accurately display our products, they are most astonishing when you see them in person. We invite you cordially to visit our showrooms at our premises in Liberec, Czech Republic. Do not hesitate to contact us at your earliest convenience. We are flexible in cooperation on individual projects with designers, architects and home decorators. Your queries and/or order will be taken our immediate attention and care regardless of the quantity.