We are Evans Atelier, a family glass company with a twenty-year history, fresh ideas and unceasing creativity.


In our collection of art glass interior accessories you can find products that are entirely created in our workshop - it means from designs through production and hand painted decoration to the final touches. We cut the glass sheets into the appropriate shape, grind them, insert them into hand-made ceramic moulds and let them bend according to the mould shape at high temperatures. It´s so-called slumped glass technology. Subsequently, bowls, plates, vases, wall decorations and other objects shaped in this way are hand-painted.

We use a unique way of painting which we developed on the principle of so-called historical underpainting. It is a method of gradual glazing, layering of colours. Thanks to their overlapping and interweaving, a unique spatial effect is created. Then the painting is finally sealed in the oven which ensures durability and resistance.

Another group of exceptional products in our collection are hand-shaped blown glass objects. According to our designs, these are created exclusively in friendly glassworks throughout the Czech Republic.

We like very much to participate in special projects where we design and manufacture glass accessories or decorations for a specific interior at the customer's request, whether it is an apartment, hotel or yacht. Our technology is flexible and enables both original piece creation and large-scale production.

We enjoy creating and it makes us happy when we can add a little colour into our everyday life!